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18 January 2009


Emmanuelle M.

I can understand your sadness on hearing this news, and recognize that this is so much like you: pure energy of love for all even the unknown!
Anyway, I do not feel sad as the consistency of this death with the rest of his life (I insist on the REST, as death for me is not opposed to life, it is just the final dot that will make the long sentence of your life such a beautiful, balanced, rythmed one) makes me feel peaceful. No need to persevere in this life if the whole is consistent, if what needed to be done has been done, what needed to be said has been said, who needed to be cared for and loved were cared for and loved.
I have recently watched the wonderful movie from Sean Penn "Into the wild", and unlike many around me, I did not cry at the end: all that needed to be done, realized and understood was. The final dot was just the culmination of a wonderful life experience. May consistency and peace of mind, of heart and of the divine sparkle in all of us, inhabit all who come near death. This is my wish for all of you, all of us, divine and human beings in this world.

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