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18 January 2009



I feel deeply that separations (between human beings, inside our own life, everywhere) are something really human and arbitrary, that we invented for a reason that I just can't figure out. But the consequences of the separations we put between each other are quite frightening... Differences between someone and someone else can only be noticed because of the fact that we consider that they are not part of a whole organization. But I feel, and I hope everybody can experience that sometimes, that someone's extreme behaviour's just a response to the opposit extreme behaviour, and thinking this way prevents us from feelings like guiltiness, which terribly hurts our relationships with other human beings.

Again, it's a matter of paradygm, that is both easy and hard to change. I feel that in our western world that is governed by science and rational thinkings, documentary like "what the bleeep do we know" can be a very powerful instrument !

Thanks for this post.

Emmanuelle M.

Allowing myself to be inside your wonderfully peaceful bubble of love has, again, been such a wonderful experience, thank you Erna for being around and welcoming me, my son, my feelings and ideas with such true understanding.
For me, separation is, as you know already, such a painful word that brings up the worst that I never overcame (and hopefully never will, as what would be left if I let this go ?) that I just cannot feel good about it.
Separation means for ever, with no proper explanation nor sharing nor being accompanied. Separation is about being left lonely in a silent and empty world.
I wish more noise, more people around, more words, I wish a warmer and fuller world, but I am not sure I would be consistent in this world.

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