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Erna Oldenboom (Dutch) is a specialist in creativity, health and transformation. She has gained considerable experience in the wide area of human resources management and personal development within multinational companies. Based on a BA in Human Resources Management and an in-company MA in Organisational Design, Erna developed an expertise around organisational and personal development, as well as in (personal) coaching.

Her corporate experience motivated her to broaden her horizon, when she observed first hand that personal development is highly multi-disciplinary. She became quality coordinator of a large Dutch multinational and was trained in the Baldridge method. She became an ayurvedic massage therapist and continued her education in ayurveda and health management with Deepak Chopra. Today she is a certified “Creating health teacher” of the Deepak Chopra Center. She obtained an MPhil in Political Sciences (Peace and Conflict management) at the University of Granada (Spain), specializing in the use of non-violent communication and the impact that violent communication has on personal and individual development. She is Certified Facilitator for working with the Transformation Game of InnerLinks/Findhorn.

Today, Erna works and lives in the South of France. She is a professor of Leadership, Personal Development and Mind/Body Medicine at Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management. She does coaching and gives corporate workshops around issues of leadership, but she has a special pleasure in running workshops around health, the healthy organisation, holistic personal development. Some of the recent courses or workshops that Erna was involved in were:
• Leadership and sustainable
• Knowledge Management and
Management Learning: from rational to
non-rational forms of knowledge
• The biology of business
• Health, food, and personal
• Holistic (ayurvedic) medical views on
organisations and personal
• Leadership in a changing environment
• Complexity and learning

Where Erna really makes a difference is in her exceptional listening capacity and her constant awareness for group’s interaction, what allows her to tailor any workshop on the spot. As nobody else she is able to build bridges between people of different interest, opposed opinion or divergent attitude.


Mind-Body Medicine; Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation; Coaching and Personal Development; Self-Mastery